Rattlesnake Barbering Company is primarily set up for appointments.  This is a one man operation which makes it difficult to be a walk in,  sit down and wait shop - let's face it no one wants to just sit and wait.   


Appointments can be made by clicking the following link:  


If there are slots on any day of the week that have not been filled, the wait list will be available to fill those slots.  Putting your name into the waitlist does not guarantee a spot.  The wait list will not be available until the morning of that day. 

On Mondays, the Wait List will be used as opposed to appointments.  With the Wait List there is no set time; when you put your name on the Wait List, you will be given an approximate wait time.  Please do not show up before your time.  You will receive a text about 30 mins before it is your turn in the chair.  Please do not sign up early in the morning for a 5pm slot since that will distort the wait times listed.

To access the wait list, please click the following link:





To view the wait list, please click the following link: