There are many places around here to get a good haircut with many more places opening up.  Attracting and retaining customers is the most challenging aspect of my job.  I have learned that people choose a barber on how well they like the cut, how well they like or get along with the barber and the shop environment.

My appeal is not to the masses and I don't really want a shop that caters to that.   If you are looking for a personal barber and are tired of playing chair roulette then I am the barber for you.  


What I bring to each cut is an incredible amount of attention to detail and consistency.  I don't claim to be the best barber and there other barbers that can cut circles around me. But  I can guarantee every cut you get from me will be given my utmost attention and be the same every time - unless you change it up!

I look forward to serving your barbering needs and having you as a customer.  Thank you for your consideration.